Workshops & Seminars

As a veteran teacher, Yates is at home in front of a group of people. He prides himself on his energy, his enthusiasm, and most important, his effort to make a difficult subject engaging. YWC has several, ready-to-go seminars on critical aspects on the language that are perfect for improving written English or even workplace communication.

Topics include:

Improving Coherence and Precision in Business Writing

  • The ability to articulate messages clearly and concisely in writing is a critical skill for business and organizational leaders. In this seminar, you will take away valuable tips to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Common Problems in Writing (with Solutions)

  • Noticing a dip in the quality of inter-office writing? Do embarrassing errors occasionally slip out in high stakes situations? The truth of the matter is that writing affect image. This is hardly a dry course on grammar; rather, it’s a lively workshop that quickly isolates the most frequent problems that occur in everyday writing and how to fix them, quickly giving participants the confidence they need to deliver a more polished and professional product.

YWC can also work with clients to create custom seminars or workshops to suit individual needs. Formats include: 1-hour lectures, half-day seminar/workshops, and full-day seminar/workshops.

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